Sunday, April 28, 2013

South Alabama RB Demetre Baker wants transfer papers

University of South Alabama Athletics Director has confirmed Demetre Baker release. 

A surprise to me and a surprise too many others, that a star running back that transferred to South Alabama from the University of Georgia name Demetre Baker wants his transfer papers now, so he can transfer away from South Alabama.

RB Demetre Baker 
Just as when South Alabama Jaguars enter into the Football Bowl Subdivision as a full fledge member, and looking for a winning season on the FBS level find themselves losing a quality player.  In my interview with Demetre Baker on today, he claims the school coaches refuse to talk to him and explain what he did wrong to get voted off the team. Baker has been allegedly voted off the South Alabama Jaguars team by his fellow senior team mates for being late for team meetings. It’s not confirmed on how many meetings Baker missed.

This news comes as a surprise when I first learned about it over social media. It surprises many that all this has been keep a secret by the University and school officials.  Demetre Baker commented on his (Facebook) social media page that “All he wants is his transfer papers!” Baker has helped the South Alabama Jaguars when they didn’t have any help in the key running back position. Now he can’t get an answer from any of the coaches or staff at South Alabama. 

Demetre Baker has been cut from the team for about three weeks now; Baker says he been cut after being voted off by fellow team mates for being late for team meetings, says he did participate in spring drills and practices after being classified as ineligible after failing two classes in the fall.  Not only has he been cut from the team, Baker says he has been banned some offices and campus facilities.

"Mr. Baker is entitled to his own opinion and through a press on Monday, Mr. Baker has been released from the team. We handle each athlete according to the NCAA guidelines, said Dr. Erdmann". 

I asked Baker did he apologize for his team violation of missing team meetings. Baker replied “Yes I did, and they seem to not listen or take into consideration my apology.” Baker future explained to me that he believes that decision to cut him from the team was a personal decision and discrimination toward him.  Baker wants to remain with the team and help the team get to where they would like to go and be champions. However, Baker claims that he is not getting any cooperation from school officials, coaches and staff. Baker insists that if he can’t get honest answers, then all he wants is his papers to transfer with his scholarship.

Baker agrees that’s he has committed some mistakes, but not any that is major to where he embarrassed his team or school or deserves to be voted off the team. Baker also claims that a blogger published some lies about him and his thoughts about the team, which Baker claims is not true. Baker says he believes that may also have played a part in all of this confusion.

After talking with Baker about his dismissal from the team; your Insider found out some more surprisely news. Baker claims that South Alabama current football team may not meet NCAA (APR) requirements. Demetre claims that South Alabama is having a bad spring semester right now and it’s not funny. Baker said the current team is currently failing their classes. Baker said South Alabama can’t bring any new recruits and freshmen to the school if they don’t meet their APR.  After speaking with Dr. Erdmann on Thursday, May 2, 2013, Mr. Erdmann failed to confirm or deny that that program will or will not meet their APR requirements. "We will not know the current APR for about another 5 to 6 months, said Erdmann." 

After revealing this news, I asked Baker does this play into the 4-star recruit Blanchard that is also a running back and signed with South Alabama in February coming to South in the fall. He said sure, he believes that the coaches got rid of him so they can have a scholarship to give to Blanchard. 

Baker wants his release papers, but claims the school will not give them to him. Baker said that he will try again and also meet with other school officials before taking the matter to the NCAA. Baker said he loves his team, and there is nothing that he has against his school, Baker wants to play for the Jaguars if they allow him to do so. Demetre Baker said if not, he is ready to move on. Before coming to South Alabama, Baker says he had offers from Arkansas State, Texas A&M, North Alabama and a few others. According to Dr. Erdmann the AD at South Alabama says that Mr. Baker release will be issued once a request has been received in writing

Stay tune for more on this matter, Baker will be live this week for a interview on my show “The Edge” where we will get more in dept about his transfer and dismissal from South Alabama football program. You will be surprise on what else he has to say and what is or may have happen with the team mates and program.

This is not the first report of some sort of happening of this nature at South Alabama. Several people that wish to remain anonymous believe the school to be racist toward African Americans. What do you think of this? Let us know and for your thoughts are important.